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You make it I probably had it at some point. I was only getting messages from sex addicts on most sites it was annoying!!

Our values and goals are so in tune! I have never been so happy! It takes time and actually building a friendship! We might have met online but we have grown to be so close.

We pray together, read the Bible, have fun, talk about anything and he is the first guy to always look at me when I wake up and confess how beautiful I am being I just woke up! I am so grateful. We had to eventually delete the app lol but Tinder, thank you for giving us a second chance to love! Second, we appreciate that you reached out because we collect stories like yours.

It works as it is supposed to, no issues come to mind. Matches work I guess. So I constantly get notified I have a match but I check and no one is there, or someone liked me and I matched with them but when I go to send a message, they un-match and I get an error message.

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I put out on my profile things people would like to know and I have plenty of pictures, but eh. This app has a one-size-fits-all appeal that works for most in a certain demographic, so in that sense it is a great app.


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Advice for first time user: I had interesting experiences with tinder. It actually made me come out of my shell because I got to talk to people with each one having a different lifestyle. I was on and off with tinder because I was either focused on one person though never had a real relationship with the people I met on tinder or I was busy in college. I set my settings to interested in women, and tbh at first not much of my matches messaged me.

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When I played around with the app, I set it to interested in men and women. I wanted to meet women, not the men. So I tried to send out the first message to all of women I matched with and take the initiative just like the guys did.

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She saw my message and gave it a shot to reply. She told me she was skeptical at first because I had a few pictures with photography trademarks so she thought I was catfishing her. I did tell her later on that I modeled a little We were both sooo close to not have met each other.

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